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Cash Advance


With a cash advance, your business gets the money it needs to take full advantage of growth opportunities. This is not a loan, but an advance on future sales. The advance will be paid back via a small, agreed-upon percentage of daily credit card transactions. No fixed payment schedule, no restrictions, no collateral, no bank fees – just the cash your business needs.


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Gift Card Acceptance


Turn your terminal into a money-making machine by offering Gift Card programs to your customers. Gift Cards keep customers coming back and they often spend more than what’s on the card. Plus Gift Cards help simplify managing store credits and can help combat fraud by keeping your cash in your store.


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Loyalty Program


Loyalty Card programs are a great way to boost sales. You can offer free products, dollar discounts or a percentage off future purchases, all of which will entice customers to keep coming back. When you reward your customers for returning and making purchases, customer loyalty and profits rise.


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